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Winery: Burja (Demeter, vegan)

Date of establishment: 2001

Location: Podnanos, Vipava Valley, Primorska

Winemaker: Burja is Primoz Lavrencic’s brainchild. After working for the Sutor family estate for many years, he wanted to use the knowledge of winemaking he acquired there to take a new direction. He drew inspiration from traditional methods, adding his own contemporary twist. Instead of ageing the wine in barrels, he uses concrete eggs for a more homogeneous fermentation process. The combinations of grapes he uses to produce his wines are often inspired by the traditional old field blends. Primoz Lavrencic is a man with a strong vision and personality – much like his wine, for which he has earned several awards over the years.

Type: Unfiltered orange · istrian malvasia, welschriesling, rebula and other varieties · 12.5% alcohol

Vinification: Maceration (contact with the skins) for 7 days, spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts, spontaneous malolactic fermentation, 11 months ageing in large wooden barrels and bottling.

Tasting notes: Malvasia contributes floral and spicy notes, and rebula provides the body while welschriesling lends this wine its full ripe fruitiness.

Food pairing: Perfectly compatible with a wide range of dishes including grilled fish, poultry and copious salads.

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