ERZETIC Crna Rebula 2015


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Winery: Erzetic

Date of establishment: 1980

Location: Visnjevik, Goriska Brda, Primorska

Winemaker: Located in Slovenia’s westernmost region, the Erzetic winery is managed by Andrej Erzetic. Founded in 1725, to this day it is still a family company where the cherished tradition of winemaking has been handed down from generation to generation with great conviction. The first vintage was bottled here in 1980, which is remarkable considering that Slovenia was still a communist country at the time and that most winemakers brought their wine to the cooperative in those days. The mineral-rich soil and a mild climate, that is tempered by the sea and the mountains, combine to create a range of unique, international award-winning wines.

Type: Dry red · 100% crna rebula (ribolla nera, schiopettino) · 13.5% alcohol

Vinification: The wine undergoes three weeks of maceration before pressing, followed by 12 months ageing (50% in large oak barrels and 50% in barriques), filtering and bottling.

Tasting notes: Ruby-red wine with purple hues. Notes of ripe red fruit and pepper as well as more complex aromas such as leather. Lively but rounded tannins.

Food pairing: Pairs well with grilled meat, game, paté, pasta with a rich sauce and chocolate with chilli peppers.

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