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Winery: Steyer

Date of establishment: 1934

Location: Plitvica-Apache, Stajerska, Podravje

Winemaker: The Steyer Winery – which is run by Danilo Steyer – is located in North-East Slovenia, on the border with Austria. The estate comprises 16 hectares of vineyards, which are situated above the village of Plitvica. Steyer is best known for its gewürztraminers. The wines derive their character and taste from the combination of a relatively warm climate and the cool winds of the nearby Alps.

Type: Sparkling méthode traditionnelle · 80% gewürztraminer, 20% chardonnay · 12.5% alcohol

Vinification: Sparkling wine produced in accordance with the méthode traditionnelle. Undergoes a second fermentation and spends a minimum of 3 years ageing sur lattes.

Tasting notes: This aromatic sparkling wine reveals floral and toasted aromas. A dry, full-bodied sparkling wine with nice acidity.

Food pairing: Pairs well with Asian cuisine, e.g. sushi and traditional Japanese, Chinese or Thai dishes. Diseca Penina is a nice option for a pre-dinner drink, but you can also drink it with your meal.

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